Plane Ride Knitting Projects

As you may remember, I took a much needed vacation from my summer break.

Plane rides take a special kind of knitting project. It can’t be too large, need large metal needles, or may different types of yarn.

For my plane ride to San Diego, I wanted to work on lace headbands for 2 of my cousins. I wanted cute patterns so my cousins (ages 9 and 12) would like them.

Headbands don’t use a lot of yarn, so I used some leftover purple bamboo yarn, and a fingerling green acrylic yarn. These yarns both have enough stretch to work well for these lace headbands.

Gimbiya’s headband
 Cast on 3 stitches.

Knit an I-cord for 8 inches.

Increase Pattern:
Row 1: K1, M1, K1
All Even Rows: K2, P all middle stitches, K2
Row 3: K1, M1, M1, K1
Row 5: K2, M1, M1, K2
Continue this increase pattern until 13 stitches.

Lace Pattern:
Row 1 (RS): k1, p2, ssk, (yo, k1) 3 times, yo, k2 tog, p1,k1,p1
Row 2: k1,purl until two stitches before the end, k1, p1 last two stitches
Row 3: k1, p2, ssk, k5, k2 tog, p1, k1, p1
Row 4: k1, p1, k1, p7, k2, p1

Repeat the lace pattern until the piece measures 12 inches.
Decrease evenly until 3 stitches.

Knit 8 inches of I-cord.

Sew in ends, and enjoy 🙂 

I’ll post pictures when I can!!!


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