Anxiety and Coffee

If anyone out there actually keeps up with this blog, you may have noticed a name change. 

I have gotten rather attached to my little internet soap box and decided that it was time to change this into something I can update as I feel, as well as something I can keep adding content to well after I graduate.

I will still post the hack recipes that I develop, but I want a little room to spread out.

Want an explaination of the new name?

 I have 2 very large vices, anxiety and coffee. One feeds the others addiction. I have some anxiety issues that I am currently working thought (seriously, does breathing work for everyone else? Sometimes its just not possible to control) and this constant state of panic and worry keeps me up at night. Which is why I am writing this in the dark, in the middle of the night.

Hence my coffee addiction. Sorry kids, if you want me to do that standing/walking/talking thing everyone else seems to be so fond of, I’m going to need some caffeine.

So this is me knitting, cooking, and ranting my way though college and life with coffee and anxiety.


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