The Week Before Finals Week

So, it’s here. Week 10.  And I am handling it beautifully.

On the quarter system, we don’t get this strange “Reading Week” some school are so fond of.. No, no, no. We go straight from a week of exams and practicals into a week of finals. It seems a little repetitive.

So now, for my movie recommendation.

I had a very terrible day, you know the kinds, where you shatter something all over the kitchen floor while making breakfast (I selected a lovely glass crock pot lid) and then spend the next 8 hours working on things that are 20% of your grade in some class.

After this kind of day, everyone should sit down and watch When Harry Met Sally

This movie is funny and romantic. Classic in all of the best ways. And I have found that I can watch it in all sorts of moods. Bad ones, happy ones, when I’m heart-broken, and when I’m anxious.

I have to try very hard to stay calm during high stress times in my life. The week before Finals Week counts as a time I need to work on staying calm, so I’d be popping Xanax every 2 hours like clockwork.

So I knit, I take baths, and from time to time, I watch When Harry Met Sally.


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