Biscuit Donuts

Biscuits.. You know, the ones that come in the blue pop can? Well, that thing scares the bejeezus out of me.

It is a loud pressurized pop.. I feel like I’m about to die every time I hear one. Luckily enough for me, loving BF volunteers to open the cans while I cower in the corner.

So this Friday, the gang came over for Fry-Day. It was the end of the quarter, give us a break. We were looking for an excuse to party.

And one of my friends brought over my new favorite card game. I’ll review it for you once I get my copy.. It will be here tomorrow..

I digress. Donuts. This post is about donuts. But I have space to ramble because this may be the easiest way to make donuts ever. Yes, I would reckon, the only easier way is to make somebody else do it. But where is the fun in that?

Tube of biscuits and oil. The new Boyfriend in the group thinks that’s all you need. He doesn’t like sweets… at all.

For those humans reading, I will also suggest you have powdered sugar and milk for a glaze.

Biscuit Donuts

  •  Store bought biscuit dough
  • Some form of oil for frying
  • 1/4 cup of Powdered Sugar
  • 3 Tablespoons or more of Milk

 Now, cut the dough into donut shapes. I used a lid to a soda bottle and a knife to cut out the centers, but for those of you who may actually have a small round cookie cutter, I’d use that. My method was effective but sticky.

Save the centers to make donut holes. Trust me.

Then, carefully place the dough in some hot oil, I used my snazzy new Christmas present – my FryDaddy.

Flip after about 45 seconds. These cook up fast, so keep an eye on them and flip sooner if they are a nice golden brown.

Drain on some paper towels, and mix the powdered sugar and milk to create your glaze.

Once the donuts are cool enough to touch, dip the tops into a bowl of the glaze. When you flip them back over, the glaze will run down the donut.

Try not to eat them all before the party starts! When I did this, people were standing behind me while I fried, stealing the donut holes before I was done.

Such a hit and so easy! I would have more pictures if there weren’t 3 hungry college guys in my kitchen.


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