You Can’t See an Elephant in the Dark

Spring Break is almost over now and I feel like I haven’t stopped moving since I left my apartment in Rochester last Friday.

I’m talking insane amounts of travel people! BF and I drove to Phili, then flew to Pheonix, AZ, where we met my parent.

Then Flagstaff — where we met up with many of my old friends from before I transferred away from NAU (Northern Arizona University for those who don’t know). 

 Plus we saw the Grand Canyon…

All in 2 days. Then we drove down to Tuscon, to meet up with some of my parents old friends and my extended family. Poor BF. He spent the whole time we were in Tuscon being left out of conversations because he wasn’t in Tuscon 20 years ago.

 Luckily he got to spend these long car rides watching me make knit roses for the people we are seeing. This is some of them in the door to the car. I’ll have a tutorial for them up soon.

BF survived the scrutiny of many family members of mine during this trip, much thanks to the help of a wonderful frosty beverage called an Eegee. Eegee’s are a magical substance, like a fruit based Icee, but a bit thicker. 

BF had never had one before, but after going from a chilly Rochester March to a 85 degree Tuscon spring, he has been converted.

If you haven’t noticed the title of this blog, it happens to be a quote from my dear Aunt Paula. This woman is amazing. After she turned 50, she spent 5 years in Botswana, Africa with the Peace Core, fulfilling a life-long dream she had. When talking to her about her travels, she said something so sincerly it was adorable, but it is a quote that continually helps me with my anxiety.

“You can’t see an elephant in the dark.”

So everytime I’m worried about something, panicking about something I believe no one else can see, I turn on the light to see if it is really an elephant. 

Maybe that makes me a little nuts, but so is my Aunt Paula, and she’s the happiest person I know. Maybe accepting your little bits of crazy that allows you to be happy.

All I know, is that you can’t see an elephant in the dark.


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