"The Best Frosting I’ve Ever Tasted" Troubles

Today was a last day. Everybody knows about first days: first day of class, first day of college, first day in a new city.

But today was the last day. The last club meeting at which the old president of my college’s knitting club would still be a student. The last day of the old guard, finalizing the passing of the torch.

Seeing as the club’s membership has exploded and the majority of the members still don’t know my name, the very nature of the club has changed, from a group of friends who hung out and knit, to something much larger.

…. And now I have to figure out what the something larger is, before my time comes to have my last day.

But today was not about me. It was about Alyssa. We had pizza and cupcakes to make the meeting feel festive.

As an avid reader and worshiper of the Pioneer Woman’s blog, I decided to frost the cupcakes with the frosting she has dubbed “The Best Frosting I Have Ever Tasted“.

I’ve made this frosting before, so I thought it would work out. But something went wrong.

I was about a tablespoon low on granulated sugar, so I substituted powdered. Big mistake.

The frosting began to separate. Maybe that was from the pink food coloring I added, but no matter how long I whipped, it never became homogenous. 

See? Even in the picture it looks a little grainy. That’s not the camera, that’s the frosting. Don’t get me wrong, it still tasted amazing, but it just wasn’t what I wanted.

Since the frosting never firmed up and began melting off the cupcakes once I piped it on, I ended up making a batch of normal butter cream and using that to frost the rest of the cupcakes.

I feel like this was my fault. I think I ruined something in this recipe. I don’t want to believe that the Pioneer Woman would ever lead me astray.

I’ve used this frosting for a full cake and things worked out fine. I just think it’s meant to be spread, not piped, and generally not fussed with as much as I like to fuss with my frosting.

 I’ll try again with this at a later date. For this frosting, it is not the last day.


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