Pom Pom Creatures

My knitting club just finished making 20 hats for the snowboarding team.

They came to use with an ugly, acrylic hat and asked us to make 20 more… It was bright yellow and blue with a giant green pom pom on it… Not my favorite, but whatever makes them happy.

In the process of making these hats, I had started making the pom poms and it turns out that giant pom poms are super fun to throw at people.

Since our clubs Winter Sale is fast approaching and I have zero free time, I’ve been looking for a cheap, fast way to make something for the table that will sell.

Light bulb moment. Those giant pom poms need googly eyes.

Isn’t he cute? I’m trying to name them.

Warm Fuzzies?



I’m still working on it. For right now, they’re just adorable and very easy to make.

Just hot glue googly eyes to the ends of 3 pieces of yarn from the pom pom. I used an extra large pom pom maker to make the pom pom, but if you are using card board, or your hand or any other method, but sure to make them extra fluffy.

They’re cuter that way.



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