Week Ten Needs to End

It is the end of Week 10. And I did nothing exciting today.

I got up, took an extremely hard test.

Went to a lecture.

Came home.

Watched How I Met Your Mother in yoga pants.

Then I went to the Hooks and Needles meeting.

We have a problem with one of the guys who has joined the clubs. He’s recently showed up at one of my members other club meetings… That’s no good when you are super creepy.

So my life got way more complicated… But it was the last meeting of the quarter.

Next quarter we are painting a mural, having our winter sale, knitting a sweater for our college’s mascot, and preparing for Imagine RIT.

Last year, our club yarn bombed a wall.

This year we are adding too it… I think sometimes I take on too much. But how do you say no to things you enjoy doing? I love Hooks and Needles and I am so excited to be a TA for the Tissue Culture class.

I think I’ll just need to get used to being tired.


One thought on “Week Ten Needs to End

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