Unfinished Objects

As week 10 ends and the quarter winds down, I’m beginning to try and wrap up loose ends so I can start new things next quarter.

Then I looked at my knit-list. I have no idea how it happened. I used to be perfectly content with a single knitting project. I would work on it until it was finished, then I’d move on.

Those days are now long gone.

I’m starting to pack for my Thanksgiving trip back to Colorado and the sweater vest for my mom is about 3 hours of knitting from done… and has been for about 4 months now.

The pair of socks I started to be able to not feel like such a poser as the president of Hooks and Needles….

 I’ve been about 2 inches from finishing the second sock since June.

I just keep getting distracted. My best friend from high school is pregnant, so I selected a beautiful pattern to knit for a blanket and it keeps me busy now.

If you would also like to knit up a great, albeit bulky baby blanket, follow this link to the Norma blanket on Knitty.

I’m 9 rows from starting the edging. Only problem is it’s too large to carry around in my backpack. When am I going to work on it now??

At least I can curl up with my new distractions from the Winter Sale.

I’ll have a more detailed post about how to make Fuzzums, like Clyde here, as soon as I can get home in the day light to take some better pictures of the group.

The only project I’ve finished in the past 6 months has been for Hooks and Needles. The snowboarding team asked us to make hats.

To recreate this hat to be more specific. 20 times. After many, many hours of loom knitting (not my favorite activity, but a great place to start crafting) all 20 are done.

I need to buckle down and finished some of these projects. I want to start new ones! Well, I guess I’m doing that either way.


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