Grilled Hawaiian Sandwich

I’m done! Fall quarter is finally over for me, as of 11:00 this morning when I finished my last final.

I’m completely exhausted. I love the quarter system, it allows me time to focus on a lot more subjects in a year than I could have in the semester system, but am I ever tired after 10 weeks.

I also leave for Colorado tomorrow. Be ready for some awesome home posts for the next week.

But that also means flying… I hate flying. It’s scary. Let’s put humans in a metal tube and fling them across the country. That sounds sane.

Oh well. It’s how people travel I guess. Code Boyfriend wants me to give train travel a try. What is it with boys and trains? Anyone? I don’t get it.

Anyways, with this week being so busy with finals, I tried to plan simple dinners I would feel like throwing together after a day of studying.

So I give you…

Grilled Hawaiian Sandwiches

  • Any bread you’d like, I used slices from an Italian loaf
  • Maple Ham
  • Pineapple Slices
  • Cheddar Cheese
  • Butter (for your grill pan)

This delicious grilled sandwich was created by buttering bread to toast on a grill pan, and adding some cheese.

Then heating the ham on the same griddle and grilling the pineapple slices. The grilling helped heat the ham all the way through and made the pineapple slices sweeter.

Then the hot ham and pineapple were placed on the bread, and the sandwich was grilled on both sides until the cheese was melted and both sides of the bread were completely toasted.

It was amazing. Code Boyfriend said, “These is a surprise in the middle of this ham melt and it’s pineapple!”

The pineapple and cheddar combine with the slight sweetness of the maple ham to make a very tasty sandwich.


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