Chicago O’Hare Airport Review

I am now safe and sound in Colorado for Thanksgiving.. and I am exhausted.

Code Boyfriend and I flew from Rochester to Chicago O’Hare, then to Denver. Very long day for someone who hates flying.

But we did land both flights ahead of schedule and made it to Chicago by lunchtime, which is a very fine place to be in the Chicago area.

Both Code Boyfriend and I got deep dish for lunch.

While not the best food I’d ever eaten, it was far better than the usual McDonald’s and Burger King fair I eat at the airport. Fast too, while Code Boyfriend and I had a 2 hour break, you could grab this pizza to go in under 5 minutes. 

This place was incredibly good for airport food. We ate in Terminal C, but we walked through Terminal B and there were several places I would have wanted to try had they been closer to our gate.

There is a lot of walking at this airport. But there is a Starbucks every 12 feet, so it wasn’t so bad. While the airport was busy, I never felt boxed in, very important for an anxious flyer.

All in all, I’d say Chicago O’Hare is a great place to fly through. I much a layover here than in Atlanta.

They also got extra points for having a Brachiosaurus in the middle of Terminal B. It was kind of awesome.


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