Celestial Tea Tasting Reviews

On our second full day in Colorado, I had a doctor’s appointment in Boulder at 3:30.

Code Boyfriend and I decided to head over early and spend the afternoon.

We started out getting hot dogs at my favorite place to eat in Boulder.

Mustard’s Last Stand. I’ve been eating here since I was five and always stop in for a corn dog when I’m in Boulder.

Code Boyfriend got a hot dog with cheese, he was also extremely satisfied with the food, but thought someone should have mentioned they put poppy seeds on their buns. Very old school Chicago.

The fries here are also excellent. Crispy and salty in ways that most restaurants fail to achieve. All in all a great addition to our day.

After, we walked to Pearl Street. It’s just not our kind of place. A little too hippie.

We then went on the Celestial Seasonings factory tour. This is my favorite place to take people on vacation in Colorado. Code Boyfriend loves factory tours, even though he’s not a huge fan of tea, so it seemed like a great place to go.

The actual factory tour is a great time. You get to see all the steps to make their teas, usually with a spunky 25 year old tour guide who spends his time trying to set up bad puns. There is no photography allowed in the factory, so you’ll have to trust me on this and go yourself.

What I think is really special about the experience is the tea tasting room. They give out samples of any of their teas. I could sit in their cozy, little cafe and try teas forever, but since I had to leave eventually, I decided to review the ones I did try.

Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride  

This is one of Celestial Seasonings Holiday teas.

 Sugar Cookie Sleigh ride is a much lighter tea than I was expecting. Also, it’s not as sweet as its name implies. While the tea tastes remarkably like a sugar cookie, the flavor was not strong enough for either mine or Code Boyfriend‘s preference. It reminded me of white tea, very subtle in flavor.

I would highly recommend this tea to a white tea drinker looking for a festive seasonal tea, but it was not one of the teas that came home with me.

India Spice Chai – Decaf
Sorry guys, my picture didn’t turn out. Which is kind of ok, because I really disliked this tea. It has some very strong deep flavors, but the tea had no substance. No sweetness, nor anything that stuck around after you swallowed. I typically love the flavorful layers of a spiced chai, but I feel like this tea only hit one note.

Jammin’ Lemon Ginger
I was not expecting to like this tea. I’m not a huge fan of lemon or ginger. But neither flavor was overpowering, and I was pleasantly surprised with how mellow this tea was. I imagine this would have been loved by anyone who enjoyed either lemon or ginger tea. Sadly, it was not for me.

Sweet Apple Chamomile
I love chamomile tea. I am also a huge apple fan. This tea, however, was only fine. So mellow as to be boring. Neither of the flavors were dominant, leaving a very bland tea. I was so excited to try this tea, only to be let down. It is very similar to their Cinnamon Apple Spice tea, which I am also not a huge fan of. 

I hope these comments will be helpful to you if you can’t get to Boulder, CO to sample Celestial Seasonings teas. Tomorrow, I’ll do a post on the three teas I liked so much that I brought some home.

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