Ketchup Cup Magic

I’m back in Rochester.

Both flights were really bumpy, bothering both my anxiety and my motion sickness. Blech. Not fun at all.

I do have a weird home remedy for motion sickness that works for me almost every time. 

French fries.

Non-traditional, I know. But I’ve chewed ginger candy, drank ginger ale, worn pressure point bracelets, and taken over the counter drugs and nothing has done as much for my motion sickness as plain old french fries.

Every time I get a little queasy in the air or in a car, Code Boyfriend runs off to find the closest place that sells french fries.

I don’t know if it’s a comfort thing, or the starch. I really don’t care. At that point, I’ve gone a horrible shade of green and all I really care about is trying to feel better as soon as possible.

Now, the title of this post promises magic and for me, this may be as close as it gets.

I’m a ketchup girl. I really think french fries are very sad without their friend ketchup. I had run out at a fast food place a couple weeks ago, and Code Boyfriend got up to go get me yet another obviously too small cardboard container full of ketchup.

But when he came back, he had done something amazing.

Apparently this is one of those life hacks I never learned. The little ketchup cups are made to expand. You can pop apart the cardboard creases to make more room for ketchup. This makes way more sense for actually dipping french fries in as well.

I hope I made your ketchup consumption a little easier.

I also hope that I wasn’t the only one who didn’t know this.


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