Tiger Statue Yarnbombing

RIT Tiger Statue Sweater

Tiger Yarnbombing

Yarnbombing a Tiger statue at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

I’ve been working on this sweater for a month. Then, 2 weeks ago, I got an email from Student Government asking for one for the mascot.

Mascot Sweater

It’s been a madhouse at club trying to get everything done, and neither sweater was finished until my Molecular Plant Biology class this morning, but I feel great about the results.

I never thought I would knit two tiger sweaters.


4 thoughts on “Tiger Statue Yarnbombing

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    • We had heard about the original, but no one had seen it in awhile. It was a huge inspiration. We did Ritchie’s sweater in blue because these were sweaters for Freezefest. Ritchie’s sweater will eventually have the Freezefest snowflake logo on the back, which is why we did his out of blue.

      • SG has the original. Well, actually, they have the replacement sweater. The original was pretty much destroyed when it was stolen. Great idea about the Freezefest logo!! Nice work!

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