Banana Citrus Smoothie

Here’s the horrible thing about many smoothie recipes I come across on the interwebs.

They all have banana in them.

Some of them look really delicious, and sound really well put together.

But I am still allergic to bananas.

Luckily enough, Code Boyfriend is not. He loves bananas.

Most smoothies I make for him contain banana.

Bananas are also cheap and sweet.

Great smoothie foder.

Banana Tangerine Smoothie

Banana Citrus Smoothie

1 Banana

1 Whole Tangerine, peeled

1/2 Cup of Instant Oats

1/2 Cup of Greek Yogurt, I used plain

3 or so Ice Cubes, depending on the consistency you like

Combine in blender until smooth.

Banana Citrus Smoothie

Code Boyfriend really enjoyed this snack. It was really filling though! He couldn’t finish it. I think it would be a great breakfast option.

Just not for me. If you hate/are allergic to bananas, I find that peaches usually fill in nicely as a replacement.


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