This one’s for D – Baby Sweater

In high school, I was friends with a girl names D. We were very similar, in the same classes, both blonde and bouncy. We fought over the same guys for years.

Then we went to different colleges.

Now, as I am about to begin my final quarter of college, she is expecting her first baby with her husband.

This is extremely bizarre for me. I’m at that age where friends are just starting to get married and have kids. I’m just not there quite yet. Maybe I’ll feel differently once I have my degree in my hand.

But for right now, I get to be excited for D. I get to knit little baby things without feeling as if I should be rushing into it.

So, this one’s for D.

Handsome Baby Sweater

I used Pickle’s Oh, Handsome Sweater Pattern. I loved this pattern. It’s special, but still masculine. I got sick of wading through boring boy baby sweaters. I think the adorable collar makes this pattern worth all the stockinette work. It’s a baby sweater, it’s really not that much!

I also selected Bernat: Softee Baby Yarn in Prince Pebbles.


I was so excited to find a soft, washable baby yarn with gray mixed with the blue and green. I was also pleasantly surprised by the striping.

Handsome Baby Sweater

I hope D loves it as much as I do.


3 thoughts on “This one’s for D – Baby Sweater

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