Hurricane Hat for Code Boyfriend’s Mom

I’ve been knitting up a storm lately.

Between the tiger sweaters and my personal projects, I feel like that’s all I’ve done.

But, I wanted to finish this hat before spring break.

We recently found out that Code Boyfriend’s mother has cancer. She just started chemo and I want to do anything I can to make her feel better.

As I started doing research on what kind of hats would be best for her, I ran into some interesting information.

During chemo, a person’s scalp will be very sensitive  And this means different things for different people. Some people could only wear silk and bamboo, others only organic cotton, and some others could wear everything from acrylic to wool.

My suggestion for anyone looking to knit hats for someone going through chemo is to give them options. I already sent a hat made out of a silk and bamboo blend down. (Sorry for the lack of picture, I had no time between finishing the hat and mailing it.)

This time I decided to try an organic cotton. I want to do another one made out of a soft acrylic to see what she likes.

I also found out that red is supposed to be good luck. I think someone fighting cancer should get all of the luck I can find.

Berry Jam Hurricane Hat

This yarn is called Nature’s Choice Organic Cotton by Lions Brand in Berry Jam.

I love the way it knit up.

Berry Jam Hurricane Hat

I used the Hurricane Hat Pattern from Love Hestia. The only change I made was in the number of cast on stitches.

Since the organic cotton yarn was so chunky, I decreased the number of case on stitches to 72, then decreased to 71 after the ribbing. This just took out one of the swirls.


The rest of the pattern is awesome and I hope you guys check it out.

Really easy, but looks hard. Great for a special skien of yarn.

Or for me anyways, a great way to send good luck to Pennsylvania.


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