Sponge Cake Postcard

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Dad's Birthday Card

I decided to send this little birthday pun to my dad.

Birthday Sponge Cake


On a piece of cake… made from a sponge.

Birthday Sponge Cake


By hot gluing a piece of cardboard to piece of cake made from a sponge and caulk, you can make a post card.

Birthday Sponge Cake


Allowing my to send my dad a piece of birthday cake with a bad sponge cake pun through the mail.



No box. As a postcard! Now I feel like I’m repeating myself.

I found this craft at She Knows.com. Since I am terrible at following directions, I built mine a little differently.



First, I used hot glue, not spray adhesive. I just don’t have the space to use spray adhesive. It seemed sturdy enough before I mailed it, but I’ll tell you how it looks once it gets mailed from New York to Colorado.

Next, I couldn’t find the giant sponges the tutorial says to use, so I cut up a replacement head of a mop, and hot glued triangles together until it looked like a cake. I also didn’t cut wedges out for the center icing. I just placed the caulk directly onto the sponge.

The whole thing cost me around 10 dollar, including postage, which was just under 3!

Keep in mind that this much caulk takes a while to dry, so make sure you give yourself enough time before the big birthday.

Birthday Sponge Cake

Happy Birthday, Dad! I hope you like the sponge cake!


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