The Sleep Schedule Prevails…

After 30 days of early to bed, early to rise, I learned something.

You have a lot more “day” in your day if you get up at 6:45. By 7pm, you’ve been up for 12 hours, moving around, getting things done, maybe just sitting on Pinterest. But I felt like I got more done.

I also got a lot more sleep. And I do mean a lot more. We’re talking about 8 hours a night, every night. How many college kids can say that if they have an 8AM class? I’m betting not many.

But I also figured out that to get enough sleep, you don’t necessarily need to get up at exactly the same time every day. On the weekends, I started getting up at 7:45. After weeks of waking up at 6:45, 7:45 felt like sleeping in.

I had thoughts like, “Wow. 8AM. That late already?” I never thought I’d think anything like that.

I was also exhausted by 10. There were a lot of nights I turned in early. As it, before 10pm early. I will admit, I had to turn down invitations to several events that started after 9, but I think taking control of my sleep was worth it.

Am I saying I’m now going to hop out of bed with the sun and do a 2 hour yoga class? Of course not.

But I am saying that if I can take control of my sleep schedule, so can you. Plan out your day. Make the time to get to bed on time. Put away electronics well before bed. Get up at the (mostly) same time every day.  

Then enjoy your full night of sleep.

I know I will be keeping up with the sleep schedule, even if it’s not so drastically.


As for April, Code Boyfriend and I will be running, following the Couch to 5k Program, as well as doing strength training on the rest days. 

I’ll keep you updated on our successes, and I will be reviewing the new running shoes I picked up as soon as I’ve worn them more than twice.


2 thoughts on “The Sleep Schedule Prevails…

  1. Glad the sleep schedule worked out! I love waking up early and going to bed early. It’s a good club to be in! As for couch to 5k… I’m not a runner. I don’t think I ever will be, for incredibly… slightly embarrassing reasons. I tried couch to 5k and failed horribly.

    • We started the first week today, and it wasn’t so bad. I’m still super sore though. I figure the early sleep schedule will pay off when I get a real job;

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