Birthday Party in a Bottle

Birthday Bottle

Full disclosure: The woman at the university’s mail center, not an official U.S.P.S. worker, would not let me mail this. She made me put it in a box. The Giver’s Log was successful at mailing hers, she was also the inspiration for my bottle to my sister. So, if you try this, make sure you talk to your postal worker first… or just realize that it’s a cool present even if it is in a box.

My sister turns 24 today! Happy birthday, L! Since I’m away at school, I wanted to send her something cool, like I did for my dad’s birthday. But since I had already sent a cake, I wanted to send a party in a bottle.

Here’s what I used:

Birthday Bottle

  • 1 sturdy, clear bottle
  • 1 Birthday Girl Sash
  • Balloons
  • 1 Inflatable Light saber
  • Avengers Stickers
  • Wrapping Paper
  • Packing Tape
  • Birthday Note

My sister is a huge Avengers and Star Wars fan. This party in a bottle can easily change theme by using other stickers, candy, princess hat, or feather boa… pretty much anything light that will role, or fit into the bottle.


First, drain and dry your dry your bottle. Make sure to take off any labels it may have. Then, cut a hatch into the side so you can fill it like a piñata.



2 thoughts on “Birthday Party in a Bottle

  1. Cute idea! The mail center people at school are not very learned in the ways of the USPS. I once got in an argument with one over a flat rate box. He could NOT believe that if I fit a heavy book in the box it shipped for a flat weight. He weighed it and was like “Wow, this is going to be pricey.” and he actually had the gaul to make me wait until his manager got back. Then when his manager echoed my “If it fits, it ships.” slogan he didn’t even apologize. Just said “Oh. That’s a cool promotion.”

    I wanted to jump over the counter and slap him.

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