We Knit This City

I was part of Imagine RIT last weekend. It is a huge festival at the Rochester Institute of Technology designed for students to show off to 30,000 people.

My knitting club once again put up a knit brick wall…

We Knit This City

We duct taped the bricks to a paint tarp ahead of time so we didn’t have to stick each individual brick up the morning before the event. We learned our lesson with that last year.

We also taught kids to finger knit again this year. It was really cool to talk to the kids who remembered doing it last year and wanted to drop back by to make another bracelet.

We Knit This City

This year, we added a Crochet Campus to the exhibit!

We Knit This City

We spent 5 months knitting 10 of the building on RIT’s campus to make a little model of the campus. Everyone loved it.

We Knit This City

Especially the Sentinel. This lovely miniature statue of a rusting interpretive art piece was done by the club’s former President, Alyssa. I would have run screaming in the other direction if I had to do it. But it was everyone’s favorite part of the campus, and the most recognizable part.

Luckily for me, I didn’t have to work a 12 hour day to get the exhibit done this year. I also didn’t get too sunburnt, despite the 80+ degree weather.

All in all, it was really successful. All 3 parts of the exhibit were a hit, even if they didn’t flow together as I wanted them to.

I loved every minute of the exhibit, and I am so excited to never do it again.


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