New to Quilting

I’ve been out of college and searching for a job for about 3 months now.

I suck at being home all day. I get bored and cranky. I don’t know how people do this.

I think part of it is having just moved to a new city, Code Boyfriend and I don’t really have a lot of friends, or activities to do, so it’s a lot of being in the apartment for me…

Luckily, I have a great boyfriend who got me started with a new hobby for my birthday.

New to QuiltingThere is my new sewing station with my brand new (refurbished) sewing machine! It’s a Brother se-400 sewing and embroidery machine!

I didn’t even know that I wanted to embroider until Code Boyfriend got it for me! It’s an amazing machine and I can’t wait to explore more of its capabilities.


My first project was making cloth napkins. After that, I decided to get a little crazy. Not having worked with this machine much, or really that much sewing experience at all, I decided to make a baby quilt.

New to QuiltingI followed the Gourmet Quilter’s 3 Fat Quarter pattern… mostly. I didn’t do the small border because I think introducing another color or pattern into this already busy quilt would just be a little too much.

New to QuiltingThe entire quilt is made from 3 fat quarters and then another 1 and 1/2 yards of the blue fabric.

New to QuiltingI think it makes a wonderful new baby present for Code Boyfriend’s cousin. I got bit hard by the quilting bug and I’m sure I’ll have other quilting related projects up soon!

Any veteran quilters out there have any advice?


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