Where I Went…

I abandoned this blog. I’m sorry. I have a lot of really good reasons.

Let’s start at the beginning. In September, I finally found a job in Seattle. It’s a good job, pays well enough, but is a contract position very far away from my apartment. Almost 2 hours of driving a day took a lot of my free time away.

Then, in October, my mother was diagnosed with cancer. Two types, actually. She had surgery and then prepped to start chemo before Christmas.

Late November, I have my first happy news to report from my absence, Code Boyfriend has been upgraded to Code Fiance. We got engaged. He gave me a little model Fiat, and we picked out my ring together. We told both sets of parents over Christmas. We lucked out and got to tell mine in person on the same day they got engaged, 27 years prior.

I think everyone in my family needed that jolt of happy news. 


The first week of December, my father’s kidneys failed. Turns out, he also has cancer.

I wish this kind of physiologically pain on no one. It was out of left field. They are both relatively young. And healthy. My world started shaking uncontrollably, and really hasn’t stopped. 

My days became who has chemo and what time, and is there enough food in a house 300 miles away from me. I flew home as often as I could, and helped out where ever I could.

I will never forget the looks on any of the oncologists faces when they found out both my parents had cancer. My life sucked, and they knew it. It was unheard of.

I’m really glad about that. I really hope no one else has this kind of horrible luck.

Just when we started to get the hand of this whole chemo thing, my mother had a pulmonary embolism: a blood clot in her lungs. She survived, but she is very lucky. This led to more doctors and more medication. So that was January.

Then, in February, I got laid off. In light of everything else, not the worst thing in the world. I never loved my job. But handling everything plus planning a wedding while losing a paycheck is nobodies idea of a good time. 

So I’m back to applying for jobs, still working — at least until Wednesday, planning a wedding, monitoring both my parents, and occasionally trying to sleep.

I will come back. Maybe soon. Maybe not. Try and be patient. Maybe taking the time to write this will give me the inspiration to photograph meals this week. Maybe next. 

My only point is, this blog is not dead. And neither am I. 


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