A strange year it has been

My last post was April 1, 2014.

Just about a year ago.

In the past year I have been scammed out of a wedding venue and had to turn my wedding on it’s head in a new venue.

I have changed jobs 3 times and moved into from a QA tech to a QA Supervisor at a small Seattle bakery. My first promotion.

I got married.

I went on my honeymoon

I flew back and forth from Colorado to Washington 6 times to be with both of my parents as they went through cancer treatment.

I moved from a 1 bedroom apartment to a “Studio plus”.

I started looking into how to buy a house.

I lost friends and found out the lengths the ones I still have will go to help me out.

Now as the dust settles out from the wedding, I am looking at my life and my newly acquired free time and I get to decided how I spend my time for what I think may be the first time in my life. If I want to play board games 5 nights a week, I can. And a lot of  weeks we do. If I want to throw myself back into my knitting, I can. I am halfway through a blanket that I started last week. So I guess I’m doing that too.

And now, I want to get back to my blog. Blogging is something I enjoy. It lets me show off my creative endeavors and makes me feel connected to something bigger.

I can’t promise I will stick to a strict schedule or be trending on Pinterest anytime soon, but I am back.


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