Panic in the Yogurt Aisle – A Yogurt Review

Panic in the Yogurt Aisle

Code Husband and I completely fell off the diet bandwagon after the wedding. I completely support that decision. I loved not caring that we ate dessert every night on our honeymoon. I loved cooking with carbs again. Rice is delicious!

Then we started to feel awful. I was getting stomachaches again. His headaches became more frequent. We were both more tired after work.

I have always had “frequent stomach problems”. The better and healthier I eat, the more those issues go away. I am learning my limits with wheat. I would never say I’m gluten intolerant, as I think it’s offensive to people who need separate friers for their french fries, while I feel fine after eating anything that’s not pancakes.

Because of all of this, when a close friend asked if we wanted to help keep each other on the “good” food path, I was completely up for it…

Then I worked 50 hours that week and things didn’t work out.

The change I was able to make was adding yogurt in as my mid-morning snack. I work in a bakery, the yogurt replaced a donut. I feel like for the first week, that was good enough.

I made my shopping list out so naively. “Yogurt” was all I put.

I figured once I got there, I could pick out a couple to try, it couldn’t be that hard, could it?

Later that night I was standing in the Safeway dairy aisle in a complete panic. Does anyone make a yogurt that isn’t Greek anymore? What makes the yogurt Greek anyways? How does this yogurt contain as much protein as a chicken breast? Do I even want to try Marrionberry Cobbler yogurt? When did Frosted Flakes start making a yogurt?

After about (sadly) 20 minutes, I started to make a couple selections at random. Here is what I ended up with.

Lucerne Greek Nonfat Yogurt – Vanilla

Lucerne Vanilla Greek Yogurt140 Calories – 11 g of Protein – 22 g of Sugar

This is a really tasty yogurt. It doesn’t have a heavy sour cream flavor like some Greek yogurts have. It tastes like a very basic vanilla yogurt. It is creamy and good but probably not something I would buy again, due to the sugar content. It doesn’t have the cleanest label compared to some of the other options, so if that’s important to you, keep reading.

Open Nature Greek 0% Yogurt – Vanilla


130 Calories – 13 g of Protein – 15 g of Sugar

This is a yummy vanilla yogurt. It has a stronger yogurt-y flavor than the Lucerne Vanilla. The flavor is still mild, with a very creamy texture. It has more active cultures than the Lucerne, less sugar, and more protein. I feel like it is a better overall choice with the Lucerne Vanilla.

Open Nature Greek 2% Yogurt – Apple Cinnamon Fruit on the Bottom

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA140 Calories – 13 g of Protein – 15 g of Sugar

A delightful dessert yogurt. The cinnamon apples on the bottom are sweet and give a nice contrast to the yogurt’s creamy texture. I think the 10 extra calories for the 2% fat are worth the investment. I found it kept me full longer than the low fat. A good choice in the fruit yogurt department.

Yoplait Greek 2% – Caramel


150 Calories – 11 g of Protein – 16 g of Sugar

Not my favorite. I was excited about a caramel option, but this fell short. It wasn’t as much of a “dessert” yogurt for 150 calories, although the 2% milk fat does make a nice creamy yogurt. I didn’t feel like the delivered on the caramel flavor. I will try other Yoplait Greek yogurt in the future.

Dannon Oikos Triple Zero – Coconut Creme


120 Calories – 15 g of Protein – 7 g of Sugar

This was the lowest calorie and highest protein yogurt I purchased. It is also the Official Yogurt of the NFL. I have no idea why major league football has an official yogurt. The yogurt fell kind of flat. It is made with stevia instead of sugar, and either that or the extra fiber they added left me with a very dry mouth. The flavor was good, so was the texture, but I don’t think I can get on the stevia bandwagon.

Stonyfield Organic Petite Creme – La Vie Strawberry


130 Calories – 10 g of Protein – 15 g of Sugar

Not yogurt. I didn’t notice that until after I got it home. This is described on the label as “sweet fresh cheese – high protein like Greek yogurt”. If you hate the yogurt flavor of yogurt, this is the “yogurt” for you. The initial flavor was really good, but the texture is a bit grainy for my liking, and it left me with a bizarre aftertaste. The only way I can describe it is a cheesy aftertaste, and I will never try another one. I might buy a vanilla for my yogurt hating husband, but the aftertaste killed it for me.

I hope this helped take some of the terror of the yogurt aisle away. I’ll let you know what I come home with this week.


4 thoughts on “Panic in the Yogurt Aisle – A Yogurt Review

  1. Wow! what a great review! have you tried Activia? And Danone? I like Fage, but it is an acid plain yogurt, I like to combine it with savory meals, kind of a sour cream

    • Thanks! I’ll do another post with what else I bring home. I haven’t tried either of those, but I’ll keep an eye out. I’m still really attached to my sour cream, but I’m thinking of trying to make dip with some plain greek yogurt for some celery.

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