The Worst Yogurt I Have Ever Eaten

As part of my yogurt trials, I decided to try a whipped yogurt. I’ve tried a couple dozen yogurts now, some weirder than others.

Worst Yogurt I've Ever Had Anxiety and CoffeeI picked up the Yoplait Greek 100 Calorie Whips! Strawberry. Now, in my experimenting there have been some yogurts that weren’t my favorite, but this was just bad. While strawberries are listed as an ingredient, the overload of artificial sweeteners makes it taste like strawberry cotton candy… in a really bad way.

Worst Yogurt I've Ever Had Anxiety and CoffeeThe whipped texture, was actually ok, but that’s all I could eat. The flavor was horrific. Unless you are absolutely cannot taste artificial sweeteners, I’d stay very far away. The smell is overpowering, like fun dip… or something else awful. I had Code Husband try it as well. He agree that it is one of the worst things he’s ever tried. I highly suggest you look elsewhere if you are looking for yogurt. Or food. Or any sort.


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